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Flakky Stitches…

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So, I was contacted by my high school friend Folake Saibu the CEO of Flakky Stitches and she nicely offered to sew me something simple. I sent her my measurements and she sent me this BEAUTIFUL print ensemble. I did not choose the fabric and I am blown away on the different print patterns and the color she chose to use. 

I like the fact that this ensemble can be worn together and also paired with something else. Where the yellow on the blouse is and how it sits right on the skirt just sums it all up. The skirt is flirty and this is so perfect for the summer.


The different black and white print patterns are very distinct, yet they blend in so beautifully. I paired the ensemble with a pair of orange studded Malaga Kid Gucci shoes cause I LOVE to play with colors and I wanted the yellow to stand out….which I think I achieved 🙂 🙂 :).




It is super obvious that I love it….Thanks Me Lady!







FS7If you are interested in this ensemble or you want something uniquely sewn for you, please reach out to Flakky Stitches on Instagram at  or on Facebook at

Thanks for stopping by and always stay true to yourself….XOXOXO

Blouse and Skirt- Flakky Stitches  Shoes- Gucci


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  1. nike says on June 9, 2016

    @Flakkystitches…….tailor mi nu(in ibadan accent),nice design.
    @Lawunmi,i’m loving your pose each new day.