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First, I must say that life has a way of teaching me things. Sometimes the lessons are unexpected and throws me off balance a little bit. I believe the longer we live, the more lessons we learn. Some lessons are the kind that we want “Yippee” and others come like “a blessing in disguise”. You know how some blessings in disguise still throws you off balance, but once you bounce back up, you feel like the Prince of Zamunda. Well, I had one of those recently and now my smile is even wider than that of the Prince of Zamunda when he saw his wife Lisa…no thanks to my toothpaste, LOL.  Alright I just had to spit that out. Now back to style, there’s something about the colors red and blue that is unexplainably awesome. The pop of color is everything. I subconsciously pair red and blue and the result is ALWAYS stunning.


Its been quite sunny and HOT these past weeks in Atlanta, so anything comfy and breathable is always my option. The skirt suit is very light and breathable and when it gets unbearably hot, I know I’d be able to take off the jacket. I chose to wear a blue sleeveless blouse, so I am not too hot on the inside…wink wink. The necklace is super lightweight and it just sits in the right place. I love the different colors of beads used. It makes it really versatile. I chose to not wear earrings because the statement necklace is statement enough. The sexy red heels is my favorite of this outfit as the bows sit perfectly on my ankle. The sandals gives me the “can’t nobody tell me nothing” feel. They are very comfy and I can run a mile in them…don’t ask me to. The black purse adds the sophisticated and classy effect and it makes the look chic in its entirety.




Totally in love with the look.










Thank you so much for stopping by and I would love to read from you all.  Remember to always be true to yourself. XOXOXO

Skirt Suit- The Limited (no longer available)   Blouse- Neiman Marcus (No longer Available)  Shoes (now on sale) –Betsey Johnson   Necklace- Burlington ($12)    Purse- Kate Spade (No longer Available)


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  1. Aderanti Bakinson says on June 24, 2016

    Very lovely …d write up was very motivating and beautiful break down on how to rock it….keep up d gud work…u look stunning in all these pictures. ..u are sure hot girl. ..keep doing what u love…cheers