My “True” Colors!

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I have always been inclined to bright colors since when I was a little girl. Growing up, I remember how colorful my dresses were and how excited I became when opportunities to wear them arose. All that sort off changed when I left for boarding school (Great Mayflower Students!!!); the all black phase set in. I remember that I had a multicolored sweatshirt my big brother passed down to me which I wore ever so often because it seemed to be the only colorful thing I had.

Through the years, however, I have been more experimental with colors. If we met and you asked what my favorite color is, I’d say purple. That usually is my no-brainer answer; however, deep down inside I’m thinking “why not ask what my favorite COLORS are”. Well, since you are wondering, my true colors are purple (of course), black, red and white.

The inspiration behind this look came from wanting to wear all my true colors at once and still be cute. This idea came alive when I found this two-tone textured jacket on Zara’s website. I thought geez, finally! The rest was easy, so to speak.

I knew Steve Madden had some red thigh high boots and I thought all I needed was a cute purple top, but to my happy surprise, he has purple thigh high boots. I fell in love instantly when I saw them and there you have it!  This look got me singing “I’m so in love baby, I don’t care what your mama say” Erykah Badu #myfav

These boots are oh so comfy and soft on the skin too (2 pluses). The jacket is definitely my fav for this season as it is really versatile. I love the entire look…wink wink!  Let me know what you guys think…talk to you soon!

Thanks for stopping by…Always stay true to yourself… XOXOXO

Two-Tone Textured Jacket- Zara,

Slammin Boots- Steve Madden 

Sexy Cut Out Sweater- Boston Proper 

Sunglasses- Versace (Sold Out)


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  1. Adebimpe James says on December 15, 2017

    happy birthday in advance my shinny babe. Keep the good work . continue to inspire.