Welcome! E kaabo! Soyez le bienvenu!

Growing up in Nigeria, I remember how excited I always was when I was able to get a hold of fashion, food & travel or interior décor magazines. I would go through the pages countless times admiring every bit of it. I created my own “magazines” using cut out pages from these magazines and shared them with family and friends.

My name is Olawunmi, which means “I desire wealth”. However, most of my friends call me Mimi. I am surrounded by beautiful people I love dearly and appreciate. I love watching movies, I enjoy dancing and shopping is my thing. I speak English, Yoruba, French and Pidgin English. Oh and I have a Masters in Health Administration!

To my loving husband, thank you for being my very own ever ready photographer/videographer.

This blog avails me the opportunity to share my world with you. It is a beautiful journey…trust me.
So, follow me as I share my style, fashion, food, interior decor and much more!!!

Thank you! E se! Merci beaucoup!